A Last Challenge


Last week, I made a bale of cardboard at work all by myself.  I sound like a child, but there’s something parabolic about it to me.

I taught two guys how to make a cardboard bale a couple weeks ago without making one alone before, but what I told them worked.  I must admit, I was proud of myself.

A few days ago, the baler was full.  There was no one around to assist me in making a bale because I had a lot of cardboard to dispose of.  I confidently took on the task.  I succeeded.  I returned to my duties in my department with a sense of pride and joy.

I’m certain many could accomplish this task sooner than me.  Many would have sought out the opportunity to accomplish this necessary task and grow proficient in order to be an asset to the company rather than a shrinking violet sheepishly avoiding the duty.

By contributing and assisting others, I accumulated knowledge and wisdom and, ultimately, confidence to succeed at the task.

Honestly, I believe it is the last challenge for me to face and accomplish in my current job.  I shied away for months from this challenge because I didn’t want to risk embarrassment in failure.  Now, I succeeded not by luck but by knowledge and confidence.

As a parable,  I helped two co-workers learn how to make a cardboard bale before I performed it solo.  It was a first for them.  I believe it was a last for me.  I assisted in their knowledge and growth first.

Its not a challenge for me to listen to people and not have an agenda. A co-worker shared with me about her friend’s battle with cancer.  She told me her friend’s condition is worsening day by day.  I practically stopped her in the mist of her listing her friend’s gruesome symptoms.  Believing her friend lost her personal dignity weeks ago because of this insidious disease, I asked my co-worker what her friend might be holding on to as her body is quickly decaying.  Could she be holding on, keeping herself alive, by thoughts or beliefs in the soulish or spiritual realms that leave her unwilling to pass on into eternity and to ever be with her Lord?

My co-worker wasn’t sure.  I suggested that her friend may simply need a word from a loved one (like my co-worker) to assure her everything will be alright in the presence of her Lord, and to ask boldly if there was anything the friend needed to share to free her spirit or soul of any weight keeping her in this misery.  My co-worker shed tears and said she might be able to say that to her.  I shed tears by saying, again, everything will be alright for my friend’s friend.  The Lord will make all things new.  We then hugged, right there in the back room of the produce department.


This was not a challenge for me.  This is what I’m called for and trained to do.  I am a minister of God.  I’ve come in closer contact with my original calling over the past couple months than I have in years.  My calling, in effect, has returned.  This encounter with a co-worker and talking about such heavy stuff reaffirms what I know is true.  I have a calling.  I am gifted and full of compassion.  Ultimately, my destiny is in God.

My last challenge was making a cardboard bale all by myself.  Encouraging a friend to speak to her friend about not being afraid of death as a Christian was far from scary for me.  It was not a challenge.  It was a fulfillment of my destiny and anointing in God.


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