Is It Time?


It is time for the Lord to act, for your law has been broken. – Psalm 119: 126

You will rise up and have compassion on Zion, for it is time to favor it; the appointed time has come. – Psalm 102: 13

I read this morning about Samson in Judges 15, Stephen giving an account of Moses’ early life in Acts 7, and Jesus moving from Judea to Galilee because a prophet is not accepted in his own country in John 4.

Samson stepped into his purpose defending Judah but, first, hid in a cleft in the rock in Etam.  Moses moved from an adopted Egyptian to a foreigner on the run in Midian.  Jesus left Judea and came into Galilee, a foreign place, a second time and spoke healing into an official’s son who was dying.

April and I talk often of longing to be in our own home, our own property, our own church family.  We feel like foreigners, strangers in churches particularly where we worship waiting and wanting to step into our destiny.

Lord, you will rise up and have compassion for it is time for favor; the appointed time has come.  It is time for favor.  It is time for you to act.

It was time for Samson to come out of hiding after mischievous acts of destruction to arise and defend Judah.

It was time for Moses to leave Egypt and be a foreigner in the wilderness, and for Jesus to enter into Galilee for a prophet is not welcomed into his own country.

If Samson doesn’t hide, and Moses doesn’t take it on the lamb, and Jesus doesn’t leave the familiar for the foreign, none of them would reach their destiny as God’s instruments of grace, mercy and righteousness in the world.

We are in foreign surroundings.  Is it time for us to step into our destinies, our purposes in God?  They flee for reasons like we did.  If we didn’t, just like the guys this morning, the things we’ve experienced and participated in over the last few years in foreign surroundings may not have happened, the Lord’s will not done.

These portions of life stories of heroes in the faith encourage me because they hid, ran or pursued foreign paths for a time to position themselves for their purposes in God to be fulfilled ultimately.

You may ask regularly, “How did I get here?”  The answer may be, “God directed you there.”  Maybe for rest, maybe to be hidden, maybe to learn, maybe to be a blessing to strangers who’ve become friends because you were there.

How about this?  Your destiny in God is already secured in his hands because you said yes years ago.  Nothing may ever change that.  The issue today may be its not God’s time to act for you, but rather in you and through you while you’re in a foreign land.

Samson was sought by soldiers from Judah, and ultimately, he defended his land by using that jaw bone.  Moses had the burning bush speak to him, and, ultimately, the people were freed for the purposes of God.  Jesus left the familiar but brought the Kingdom to foreigner and friend alike, but, ultimately returned to Judea to die on a cross and be resurrected as the risen and Savior of the world.  This was all in God’s timing.

Its fine to pray for and believe in God’s time of action to manifest.  While at the same time, the Lord’s timing may be for you to be where you are, but his plans for you remain.  Its all part of his appointed time to come forth for you, and all of us.


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