Two Pine Trees


O sing to the Lord a new song for he has done marvelous things.  His right hand and his holy arm have gotten him victory.  — Psalm 98: 1

I dreamed last night.

I worked in a grocery store.  There were small sample portions of larger packages available.  They looked like small burritos.  They’d gotten stale.  I knew they had to be replaced.  No one would buy the larger packages after sampling the smaller stale portions.  I replaced the stale burritos with what appeared to be fresh grapes in white packages.  The fresh replaced the stale.

The dream shifted to traveling as a passenger in a white van.  I seemed to be traveling with co-workers from the grocery store.  We rode along side a river.

As we rode, I’d heard there were no pine trees growing in this area in which we traveled.  The van stopped.  We all got out to walk around.  I carried two pine tree samplings in pots.  I was to plant them there between the road and the river.  Truly, there were no pine trees in sight, but there were large, majestic trees with white trunks.  April said trees in dreams usually mean leaders.

I was given a spade by a follow traveler.  I dug into the ground and found it to be dark, rich soil (good earth for growing).

My wife believed the two trees represented us, and we’ll be planted uniquely in a place among other leaders unlike us.

The grocery store dream showed the stale portions being replaced by fresh portions.  There are stale things that will be replaced in us by the fresh.

The two pine tree samplings are young and have a lot of growing to do and many years ahead of them.  Alleluia.

This morning, we attended worship at a church in Birmingham we’ve visited several times.  Today was the second recent visit in as many Sundays.  April shared the same feeling over lunch that as we walked in this morning it felt like home.  As pastors in a denomination for over 20 years, we entered new church atmospheres as new employees quite often, but it seldom ever felt like home.  This was a unique feeling for both of us, and one we shouldn’t ignore.  Perhaps we should join this congregation formally and plant our flag here.  Maybe this is like planting young trees in rich soil found in a new place.

I wrote a post yesterday about rekindling my passion to write after what I believe was a nudge by Holy Spirit in a second dream about writing first drafts.  Its all good.  The stale should be replaced by the fresh.  I’ve started writing the fresh.

All of these experiences encourage me to trust the new and fresh that appear to be in reach.  I’ll continue to share what I encounter in the fresh posts ahead.

What fresh experiences of God you’ve encountered are inspiring you to trust anew?


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