What Happened to Those Seeds?


My wife and I crossed paths with an acquaintance from the church we attend.  She told us enthusiastically she wasn’t attending this church right now because she felt called to a nearby town to minister and to teach of the things of the Spirit in a church we used to pastor.

As she continued to share her enthusiasm for what she believed the Lord was about to unleash on that town, we felt she wanted us to share in what was occurring.  We felt that was where we sowed seed and wasn’t sharing in the harvest.

I read this morning from the Daily Office passages Matthew 13:

Other seeds fell on good soil and brought forth grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.  Let anyone with ears listen! – Matthew 13: 8, 9

These verses come from Matthew’s version of the parable of the sower.  As one who’s read this parable more in the last ten years than maybe any other parable in the gospels, I’ve grown accustomed to the reality it depicts of sowing seed from the Kingdom of God in this world.

Not all the seed sown and germinated produces an abundant harvest.  Not all the Word sown in every circumstance or every heart or every congregation produces an abundant harvest.

When we left that church and town where our friend is now in ministry, we knocked the dust from our feet.  It was the hardest year of ministry we every experienced, but while there, we prayed like we never did before and pursued God like we hadn’t at that point in our lives.  When our friend shared what was occurring in that town from our past, we felt some of the seeds we’d sown in faith and love germinated.

Some of the seeds you’ve sown actually landed in good ground and a harvest is coming.  Alleluia.  Just be assured, some birds will eat hardy, and some thorns will strangle the newly born sprouts.

Praise the Lord for any harvest to his glory and for his Kingdom.  Alleluia.


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