Something to Look Forward To?


Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God, and steadfast love belongs to you, O Lord. – Psalm 62: 11, 12a

Biblically, twice means its fixed, set, truth.

Hearing that power and steadfast love both belong to God is good.  Its so good to know that true power and true love cannot be manufactured and mirrored by any other source.  God is the source of power and love.  Alleluia.

What if you experience the power and love that only comes from God?   Our God, most clearly revealed to us in Jesus, is a covenant making, relationship initiating God.  In the biblical story, our Father speaks, promises and fulfills in actions and love and power.  His covenant partners in the Old Testament and his children in the New Testament (I would also say we’re inheritors) experience God’s love and power, again, power and love that can’t be mirrored or mimicked or manufactured.

Bottom line:    Our God has revealed to us what is true.  Steadfast love and power belong to God alone.  Not only have we heard what is true, but we’ve experienced what is true.

If a relationship with God grace through faith is not marked by experiences of love and power, the man or woman, girl or boy have so much to look forward to.  You ain’t been loved or rescued/saved until you encounter God’s love and power.  Amen.  Alleuia.



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