The Weight vs. The Hope


After a bit of a furlough from writing, I read scripture from the Daily Office, and a simple verse I’ve focused on before in my life caught me this morning.

Cast your burden on the Lord, and he will sustain you; he will never permit the righteous to be moved. – Psalm 55: 22

Some may say or assume in living with and accepting the reality of a burden, the weight of it keeps one grounded.  One is less likely to take risks.  I would say you’re less likely to live with hope, hope that the burden would be lifted.  What would my life be like if I were free of what I’ve always known and what has made me into who I am?

Looking at the verse, the psalmist encourages the listener or reader to cast the burden on the Lord.  In casting on the Lord, the affirmation is he will then sustain you.  You’ve lived with the burden limiting your vision and hope.  You’ve accepted your station.  A person of faith who has seen what God can do encourages boldness on your part to cast the burden on the Lord.  Let the Lord carry it.  In response, God will be the one supporting you.

There may be conditions related to the burden that are your responsibility, but the Lord will take the weight , the shame, the guilt, the fear, and you’ll experience his sustaining power in steadfast love and faithfulness on God’s part.

He will never permit the righteous to be moved.  We are righteous in Christ Jesus.  The promise is his sustaining of us after he’s taken the burden will keep us grounded.  In an Old Testament context, the Lord not permitting us from being moved is in reference of the children of a covenant promise not being moved off of their inheritance, the Promised Land.  The righteous shall live by faith, and we will not be moved because the one carrying our burdens and providing our promise will sustain us.  The winds and storms may come, but he keeps us from shifting.

The burden of addiction, shame or guilt from abuse or generational curses may have kept us anchored without taking risks for a better life.  When its cast on the Lord, we’re freed and released, but we’re not without support.  He sustains.  He will not permit us to be shaken or disturbed.  Christ is our cornerstone.  Christ is our rock, our fortress.

We can breathe.  We can stretch.  We can feel the relief from weight.  We’re safe and in his care.  Alleluia.


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