First Post In a New World


While this isn’t my first blog, this is the initial posting on this blog.  I’ll see if I want to post daily on this blog.

In this new world of Word Press, I commemorate this first day by acknowledging this day.  It is Good Friday.  It is the day to recall the sacrifice of our savior on the cross of crucifixion.  This one who willfully laid his life down did so in order to pay the redemptive cost of all the world if it so believes.

He lived as one who was totally surrendered to the will of God.  The will of God in the world was and is to live as one who was stronger than death.  He lived without fear of death nor any human nor any institution.  The will of God in the world is to set the prisoner free from his or her death cell.  The one crucified ceased the keys of this earth from the enemy upon death and resurrection.  The cost for sin was paid by this one crucified.

While this isn’t my first recollection of what our great Daddy God has done, this is my first declaration of my beliefs in this world and this blog.  The crucified Lord is the one we, again, exalt on Easter morn.  Though we acknowledge his necessary execution for the redemption of the world this day, I also point to him as King and Lord this day.  He is the one stronger than death.  We who believe are the ones who also carry the same spirit he did in this world.  The Holy Spirit came upon the believers and followers and learners of him.  We are such today.

While this isn’t my first open sharing of my belief of Jesus as this same Lord who forgives and makes whole, I do so this night on this platform.  He is Lord.  He is King.  It is to him I pledge my utmost loyalty and faith.  What he has said I will do.  What he is saying is in line with what he’s said and, again, I trust.  He is Lord.  He is King.  I love and trust him.

While I haven’t told you in this form or in the post, he can be trusted.  This will not be the last time or post I acknowledge my allegiance, and I will invite you to celebrate what he’s done for you and all.

Its a new world.  Alleluia.






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