A Flash on Compassion

God’s timing and God’s abundant, relentless love are what we can trust for ourselves and for who we love.


A Flash on Love (So, I Pray)

This is a flash of love, the mysterious, yet strong and and intimate love that’s hard to explain but can be experienced. Peace,

You Do Not Miss a Thing

This evening’s psalms show God from a height, but not from a distance. Nothing missed. Be blessed.

He’s That Close

“I will see his face!  Daddy God is that close to me!  Alleluia.” Read, consider, share, believe. You’re loved.

A Better Way (A Late Flash)

I don’t see much compassion among believers in America these days.  The better way is to love. You’re invited to read the post and share a comment. Peace.

Sight, Speech, Liberation, Refuge

Its been said empires know us by numbers but the Kingdom knows us by our names. True liberation is a gift in God. I hope this blesses you.

Josiah & The Woman

Seldom do I flash biblical insight in the span of a morning on a blog like this anymore. I just don’t have the time, but this morning has proven to be different.  Funny enough. Josiah and a woman. The Daily Office Old Testament lesson this morning from the Book of Common Prayer is from 2…

This Is How You Feel

You speak to me in languages I understand. When the Lord communicates to me in words, notes, impressions I value, I’ve come to trust it is God speaking.  The Lord loves me and speaks to me in media I get, frequencies I receive.  If its in forms I don’t get, I’ll have to pursue such. …

Work It Out

I’m risking the attention of any curious reader, I know, by quoting the following verses of scripture, but I ain’t a-feared. Therefore, my beloved, just as you have always obeyed me, not only in my presence, but much more now in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling; for it is…

I Know What to Think

Battles rage in small and large degrees in this world with bombs and bullets and shrapnel flying through the air to kill and wound.  This being true, followers of God must also concern themselves with the errant thoughts and corrupted thinking that impacts our beliefs, as well. Friday morning, I read the morning psalm in…

Where It Needs to Begin

I’m not inspired to write about much else. I’m a sports fan. I enjoy movies and live performances, but seldom do these stir me to compose in written form an outline of what I felt or experienced in a theater or stadium or restaurant (I like to eat, too). No, I’m moved to write about…

Blind Spots

We’re so inclined to believe the richness of God’s grace is granted to us by virtue of our own goodness and obedience.  Divine grace is favor granted by love and not wages earned by religious work done. I read this morning in The Daily Office readings in The Book of Common Prayer from 2 Samuel…